Antique Memes

Wanderings through university and library image collections; etchings, leaflets, prints, lithographs, relics of yore. Items digitized from before the digital age. Let's remember what we forgot. Lest we forget.

ANTIQUE - collectible old item: a collectible decorative or household object that is valued because of its age, the style, traditions, and qualities of ancient times, old and often valuable, of interest to collectors

MEME - a cultural characteristic passed down through generations: any characteristic of a culture, e.g. its language, that can be transmitted from one generation to the next in a way analogous to the transmission of genetic information

Permalink [Art nouveau design of a woman amidst flowers.] (1900)
Georges de Feure
Permalink [Art nouveau design of woman.] (1900)
Georges de Feure
Permalink [Promenade dress, December 1821.] (1821) Costume of the ladies of England 1810-1823.
Permalink Child’s dress ; Children’s fashions for December.  [Children’s fashions for December.] (1863)
Permalink Lamp day, Friday, May 12th. Buy a lamp on lamp day for women’s service in war time / Hudson & Kearns Ltd., Litho. London, S.E.
Permalink Miss Rose Cade—Queen of the Lemons
Rose Cade, who has also been nominated Southern California’s “Swat the Jinx” girl, dressed in model of large lemon pointing to calendar dated Friday, February 13, 1920.
Permalink Original Source: From St. George slaying the dragon, a reproduction of the original drawing. (Florence : Alinari Brothers,) Bellini, Iacopo (ca. 1400-ca. 1470), Artist.
Permalink [Pirate.] (c1921)
From Howard Pyle’s book of pirates. 
Permalink Hallowe’en pleasures. Bobbing. Bobbing Everywhere, Apples in a Tub.  Stecher Lithographic Co. — Publisher 
Permalink On Hallowe’en. Vintage Holiday Postcard. 
Permalink [Illustration of human rib cage.] (1865)
Permalink [Illustration of suture near eyelid.] (1865)
Permalink Summer travel number by Georges Lepape. From Vogue. (New York : Condé-Nast Inc., 1892-)
Permalink A summer shower. (1895) by William J. C. Pitcher. From Magazine of art. (London & New York : Cassell Ltd., 1878-1904)
Permalink Rumpelstiltskin by Margaret Evans Price. (1888-1973)