Antique Memes

Wanderings through university and library image collections; etchings, leaflets, prints, lithographs, relics of yore. Items digitized from before the digital age. Let's remember what we forgot. Lest we forget.

ANTIQUE - collectible old item: a collectible decorative or household object that is valued because of its age, the style, traditions, and qualities of ancient times, old and often valuable, of interest to collectors

MEME - a cultural characteristic passed down through generations: any characteristic of a culture, e.g. its language, that can be transmitted from one generation to the next in a way analogous to the transmission of genetic information

  • Title: Out of my London window: dome and spires and chimneys, mist and smoke
  • Creator(s): Pennell, Joseph, 1857-1926, artist
  • Date Created/Published: [between 1890 and 1923]
  • Medium: 1 drawing on cream paper : watercolor, gouache over charcoal sketch ; sheet 22.2 x 29.1 cm.
  • Summary: England, London. As Wuerth described, “View from London Studio window looking down on river, and Bridges, St. Paul’s to left and chimneys and smoke to the right all under a cloudy sky. Colors, black brown, red, blue, gray, rose and cream on cream paper.”
  • Part of: Joseph and Elizabeth Robins Pennell collection. Drawings and paintings series

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