Antique Memes

Wanderings through university and library image collections; etchings, leaflets, prints, lithographs, relics of yore. Items digitized from before the digital age. Let's remember what we forgot. Lest we forget.

ANTIQUE - collectible old item: a collectible decorative or household object that is valued because of its age, the style, traditions, and qualities of ancient times, old and often valuable, of interest to collectors

MEME - a cultural characteristic passed down through generations: any characteristic of a culture, e.g. its language, that can be transmitted from one generation to the next in a way analogous to the transmission of genetic information

  • Title: Le tricolore
  • Date Created/Published: Paris : Imp. E. Hamelin rue Fontaine au roi 59, 1874.
  • Medium: 1 print : lithograph, color.
  • Summary: Print shows the French “Le Tricolore” balloon in the colors of the French flag with three passengers, possibly Jules Duruof, his wife, and another man, standing in the basket during an ascension in Paris, June 6, 1874.

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