Antique Memes

Wanderings through university and library image collections; etchings, leaflets, prints, lithographs, relics of yore. Items digitized from before the digital age. Let's remember what we forgot. Lest we forget.

ANTIQUE - collectible old item: a collectible decorative or household object that is valued because of its age, the style, traditions, and qualities of ancient times, old and often valuable, of interest to collectors

MEME - a cultural characteristic passed down through generations: any characteristic of a culture, e.g. its language, that can be transmitted from one generation to the next in a way analogous to the transmission of genetic information

Permalink The Endangered Species Print Project (ESPP) offers limited-edition art prints of critically endangered species. The number of prints available corresponds with the remaining animal or plant populations. For example, only 45 Amur Leopards remain in the wild, so for this edition, only 45 prints will ever be made.
Permalink Just saved. (1882) 
Wilson, Andrew, 1852-1912 — Author
Image Title
:  Boeuf à la mode.
: Leclerc — Engraver Lançon, Auguste André, 1836-1887 — Artist
Published Date
: 1906
Specific Material Type
: Prints
Item Physical Description
: 1 print : b&w ; 18 x 23 cm. (7 x 8 3/4 in.)
: Printed on border: “278. Lancon. Französische Karikatur auf die mann=weibischen Moden um die Wende des 18. Jahrhunderts.” Written on border: “Cartoon of male-female fashion at turn of 18th c. French”
Original Source
: From Die Frau in der Karikatur. (Munich : Albert Langen, 1906) Fuchs, Eduard (1870-1940), Author.
Title: [Circus sketches: acrobats and circus animals]
Creator(s): Rothengatter, Emil, artist
Date Created/Published: [between 1800 and 1920]
Medium: 1 drawing.
Permalink Chôju ryakugashiki = How to draw simple animals. (1797)
Image ID: 1400992
Chôju ryakugashiki = How to draw simple animals. (1797)
Image ID: 1221643
An illustration of horses. (6—-8—)
Image ID: 821837
Insectivora. (c1880)
Image ID: 400784
Testudo &c.; The Loggerhead-Turtle. (1754)
Permalink Image Title:  "… That notable gambler, the Shark."
Medium: Engravings — Hand-colored
Specific Material Type: prints
Source: The Mermaid “at home!” illustrated with elegant engravings, on copper-plate.
Location: Stephen A. Schwarzman Building / Rare Books Division
Permalink Image Title:  The hyena, with much betterness, rose to howl, etc.
Published Date: 1857
Specific Material Type: Prints
Item Physical Description: 1 print : b&w ; 15 x 13 cm. (5 3/4 x 5 in.)
Notes: Written on border: “Jan 1857.” Foxing on image.
Original Source: From Harper’s magazine. (New York : Harper Brothers, 1850-) .
Source: Mid-Manhattan Picture Collection / Animals – humans

Image ID: 822822
[Dogs having a fist fight.] (1857)
Permalink Image ID: 822815 The galop ; The Irish jig. (1883)
Permalink Hungarian mountain sheep at the Smithfield Show. (1868)